roots & fusion (UK)

“I’m stunned. What a voice…Whatever it is…[she has] it…I strongly recommend that you go and buy [the EP] because [the songs] are all—that—good. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am to include THAT sort of music in roots & fusion…as well as that gorgeous voice, she plays piano, violin, guitar, ukulele...Canen is phenomenal.” -- Rick Stuart   

Girl Singers


"Purchased on Amazon on a whim. There's an old soul locked up in this young [talent]. Both [albums] are highly recommended." (Click icon for more.)



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Ithaca Record Freak

“…She sings with the soul of someone who has loved and lost and loved and lost and loved again. Her rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine” is made heavy with a sadness to rival others’… perfectly faithful to the soul of the Bill Withers original, while stripping down some of the more lavish arranging for a more bare bones interpretation. The result is a track that accentuates Canen’s incredible soul, and feels as raw as the sentiment conveys. “Ain’t Misbehavin’” comes across with the sultry timbre of someone quite in tune with the feelings of love expressed in that particular number. She pays respects to the old iconic versions of these songs while at the same time improvising on these classic melodies, making them her own and telling the truth with them. It is clear that hers is a talent far beyond her years. She’s phenomenal…hers is a talent that can carry itself. Her sultry and sorrowful tones are spot on.”  (Click icon for more.)

Anna Coogan Music

"I would very rarely encourage the family of a 12-year old kid to [record]…unless I really, really thought there was a good reason. She comes across as such an old soul, and that, I think, is what strikes you most about her voice." -- Anna Coogan

BVS Reviews

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(Metro NYC)

"I don’t think most singers at 12 years old sing with that kind of restraint and grace. So nice to hear a young singer…not fall into that melismatic mess! Amazing. The absolutely incredible voice of Canen.” -- Jeffrey Davison, Shrunken Planet




“I was absolutely gobsmacked….There are those occasions where…you hear an album that just blows you away. A singer blessed with the voice of an angel…Everyone…watching in appreciative silence, jaw dropped. …debut EP…stunning in its own right. It's taken me too long to put pen to paper to review her second EP…It's certainly not because of the quality…Canen is possessed of a voice that just blows you away, but which forces you to look at the sleeve again to do that double check that singer and voice are one and the same. They are. Think of a young Joss Stone, but it's also the way that voice works with country, soul and the great American songbook that allows Canen to make the songs hers…I wanted to…make sure that initial buzz of discovery is matched by sustainability so that I could say with 100 percent confidence that this is a release that will blow your socks clear across the room and will continue to do so. In short, if "A Matter of Time" doesn’t move you, quite frankly, nothing will. A brilliant vocalist.” -- Neil King  (Click icon for more.) 

The Ithaca Times

"a timeless vocalist..." ..."the kind of quality in a voice that people really covet."


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Cherry Pop (The Netherlands)

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(Los Angeles)

“Our staff was blown away by her voice!” #sultry #soulful” -- Greg Richling (The Wallflowers)

Kids Reviews

"...very impressive."

De Krentin Uit De Pop

(The Netherlands)

“To look into the future, you usually need a crystal ball, but sometimes you can just listen carefully…for many covered a thousand times, but the Canen’s versions managed to hold my attention and managed to even touch me…warm voice with so much feeling. The last thing I expected was a teenage girl with braces…The intensity in Canen’s songs makes me think of Eva Cassidy, while the more jazzy songs will not escape the comparison with Norah Jones and Diana Krall.” -- Erwin Ziljeman (Click icon for more.)


Canyon (UK)

"Every so often you come across a young singer-songwriter with a great vocal who possesses something very special, a real gem, with huge talent and experience beyond her years. This is most definitely the case with…Canen...She is one of our favourite young US singer-songwriters...She reminds us a little of Norah Jones in her delivery and has a lot of feeling for the material for one so young. 'One to Watch'..." -- Gary Smith


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Finger Lakes

Music Press

"If you haven’t heard this gal sing, you should…she’s a talent that is almost hard to fathom in one of so few years. But that said, look at the line--up here…world-class musicians."






“...voice belies her few years. One of our favorite young singer/songwriters. One of the regions brightest young stars…what an impressive performance…Sultry, sexy, smooth voice…the dulcet tones of vocal wunderkind…” -- Jonathan Hochberg

New York Family (NYC)

“Occasionally, you come across a prodigy of intellect or art or sports or anything really, whose gifts are so rare and transporting, you relish them as you would the gifts of an amazing adult, and perhaps you pause for a second to wonder what lays ahead for them....if you sent me one of these video recordings…and told me to close my eyes and enjoy some music that Adele or Lorde recorded at 11 or 12, I would have listened and not been at all surprised that it was one of them.” -- Eric Messinger  (Click icon for more.)

Electric  Wilburland

"She was 12 years old for two days when she was here, but the minute she opens her mouth, you go back to another era. That’s her gift to us. I was impressed with how chill she was. She walked in really focused, and was actually in full command of what was going on. I mean there were times out here where she was actually straightening these veteran musicians out on what the arrangements should be…truly gifted…One-take wonder.”-- Will Russell, Grammy-winning engineer

Amnesty International

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