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Proceeds go to RAINN, the largest anti-sexual assault organization in the U.S.


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In January, 2021, I posted a call on Instagram and TikTok to survivors for videos and stories of sexual assault. Hours later, dozens and dozens of stories and video clips poured in. The video above contains some of these responses; countless other stories are shared below.  (Click to read each story.)


Writing and singing this song provided healing for me. Telling our stories is a catharsis; sharing our stories and hearing others' stories helps us see that we are not alone; documenting our stories on this page ensures the world will know our stories and they will not be forgotten.



NOTE: If you would like your story included in the story quilt, please email it below. My next posting for this campaign will be May/June 2021. I'm sorry that I will not be able to respond to every one of you personally, but I read and value every story you share, even those that are not posted.

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Story Quilt



I am enormously grateful to be able to read and share each of these stories and to the brave people who have shared them. I hope that sharing them helps some of you heal and educates others. In some cases, text has been shortened to save space or slightly changed for clarity or publishing for a broad audience, but the spirit of the story remains. Click on a box below to read a comment or story.